Everything You Need to Know about Sodding

Sodding has become popular today. It has been one of the most after-sought materials that are useful in our lawns. We could not deny that our yard has been through a lot because of the weather. Also, many factors are affecting our yard and lawns. It may include pests, diseases, and weeds. 

Have you observed that your lawn looks tired, dense, and the turf starts to turn yellow? Have you observed that the weeds and diseases infected your lawn? If yes, then you need to conduct immediate sodding. Sodding will give your lawn a make-over. It will provide wonders for your lawn that has suffered a lot. But, the challenges that await us are enough knowledge about sodding and the people that will work for us. Moreover, our busy and hectic schedule will make everything complicated.? 

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At this moment, let us talk about the things that you should know about sodding. First, let us start with the basics. Do you have any idea about the definition of sodding? Well, if none, then we are here to inform you. Sodding is a planted grass with soil. Usually, this grass will grow uniformly?and known as turf grass golfers. Most of the times, it is much longer to other grass. Do you have any idea how sodding works? The sodding includes the following process: 


If you want to sod your yard, you need to get a soil sample and let the professionals examine them. The professionals will determine if your soil lacks nutrients or minerals. Also, the experts will determine if your soil needs to be cured. After the soil testing, you need to have a rototiller. With the help of rototiller, shake the dirt with a depth of 6 inches. After doing so, spread the compost and make drainage. In case the experts told you to apply fertilizers in your soil, this is the time to do so. 


After the soil preparation, you need to apply the sod as soon as possible. You should keep in mind that the sod is sensitive and is prone to microbes. If you will not install and apply them immediately, there are chances that it will be damaged. 


After the sod is being installed, you need to water them immediately. Do not wait the heat will strike and will damage your sod. If you want to maintain and let your sod looks green and healthy, it is best to supply them with enough water. Do not forget to irrigate and ensure that your sod will get their needs significantly, the water.  

Effective Ways to Maintain Newly Installed Sod

Newly established sod can turn a bare or disheveled lawn into a picturesque outdoor tranquility image. However, without the proper care, chances are it won’t remain that way. Newly installed sod tends to be fragile and needs good maintenance. For that reason, we have jotted down some effective ways that can help you to make sure that your newly laid sod will be the beautiful lawn that you have always imagined it to be. 


You should not fertilize your newly installed sod until the fall season. If you fertilize it earlier, leaf development may be encouraged but not root growth. Once you consider fertilizing in the fall, make sure to do so using a granular fall fertilizer. During the next springtime, overseeding the sod with a granular spring fertilizer will be okay. Remember not to use fertilizer in severe heat, or it may harm your lawn.  


Even if you want to restrict how much you walk on newly installed sod, you’ll likely need to consider mowing it after the first week or more. Guarantee to utilize a good sharp blade and make sure you won’t disturb the roots of the sod as you trim the grass. Maintaining the ideal length of grass, which is 2.5-3 inches would be best. If you cut your grass too short, there’s a great possibility that it will be overrun with weeds or be burned by the sun.  


On the first couple of days after laying the new sod, watering is very important. Thus, you need to make sure that your first watering must happen right after the sod installation Rochester Hills. Plus, it must be thoroughly watered every day for at least one week after that. You can then lessen your watering schedule to 3 times per week after the first week. 


Your hardscaping and your newly laid sod must go hand in hand. Not only this will help provide your home a great curb appeal that increases your resale home value, but it’ll also guarantee that your sod will remain in place and won’t be prone to a lateral shift. 

Features like retaining walls can also help in preventing your sod from shifting—especially when you have sloped property.  

Herbicides and pesticides 

While herbicides and pesticides may help established lawns, make sure not to use them on newly installed sod. Not only these chemicals can kill hazardous insects but also those insects that can be beneficial for your sod. That means that applying them may cause your sod to be prone to infestations if compared to not using any chemicals on it at all. The ideal means of keeping unwanted pests and weeds in your lawn is to keep it healthy by following the fertilizing, mowing, and watering schedules discussed above.  

If you’re still unsure of how to properly do these tips, it would be best if you refer to a sod installation and maintenance expert to guide you throughout your journey of taking care of your sod.