Everything You Need to Know about Sodding

Sodding has become popular today. It has been one of the most after-sought materials that are useful in our lawns. We could not deny that our yard has been through a lot because of the weather. Also, many factors are affecting our yard and lawns. It may include pests, diseases, and weeds. 

Have you observed that your lawn looks tired, dense, and the turf starts to turn yellow? Have you observed that the weeds and diseases infected your lawn? If yes, then you need to conduct immediate sodding. Sodding will give your lawn a make-over. It will provide wonders for your lawn that has suffered a lot. But, the challenges that await us are enough knowledge about sodding and the people that will work for us. Moreover, our busy and hectic schedule will make everything complicated.? 

As the demands of sod installation increase, the interest of people in this industry increases as well. Many people generate ideas to encourage people to patronize their sodding business. But, there is this number one company in the field of sodding that is consistent in providing services. Yes, I am talking about?sod installation Sterling Heights! The company has been serving people for decades and quality and authentic services. If you are looking for a sodding company that will provide the best sod and will take good care of your property, chooses our company! 

At this moment, let us talk about the things that you should know about sodding. First, let us start with the basics. Do you have any idea about the definition of sodding? Well, if none, then we are here to inform you. Sodding is a planted grass with soil. Usually, this grass will grow uniformly?and known as turf grass golfers. Most of the times, it is much longer to other grass. Do you have any idea how sodding works? The sodding includes the following process: 


If you want to sod your yard, you need to get a soil sample and let the professionals examine them. The professionals will determine if your soil lacks nutrients or minerals. Also, the experts will determine if your soil needs to be cured. After the soil testing, you need to have a rototiller. With the help of rototiller, shake the dirt with a depth of 6 inches. After doing so, spread the compost and make drainage. In case the experts told you to apply fertilizers in your soil, this is the time to do so. 


After the soil preparation, you need to apply the sod as soon as possible. You should keep in mind that the sod is sensitive and is prone to microbes. If you will not install and apply them immediately, there are chances that it will be damaged. 


After the sod is being installed, you need to water them immediately. Do not wait the heat will strike and will damage your sod. If you want to maintain and let your sod looks green and healthy, it is best to supply them with enough water. Do not forget to irrigate and ensure that your sod will get their needs significantly, the water.  

Effective Ways to Maintain Newly Installed Sod

Newly established sod can turn a bare or disheveled lawn into a picturesque outdoor tranquility image. However, without the proper care, chances are it won’t remain that way. Newly installed sod tends to be fragile and needs good maintenance. For that reason, we have jotted down some effective ways that can help you to make sure that your newly laid sod will be the beautiful lawn that you have always imagined it to be. 


You should not fertilize your newly installed sod until the fall season. If you fertilize it earlier, leaf development may be encouraged but not root growth. Once you consider fertilizing in the fall, make sure to do so using a granular fall fertilizer. During the next springtime, overseeding the sod with a granular spring fertilizer will be okay. Remember not to use fertilizer in severe heat, or it may harm your lawn.  


Even if you want to restrict how much you walk on newly installed sod, you’ll likely need to consider mowing it after the first week or more. Guarantee to utilize a good sharp blade and make sure you won’t disturb the roots of the sod as you trim the grass. Maintaining the ideal length of grass, which is 2.5-3 inches would be best. If you cut your grass too short, there’s a great possibility that it will be overrun with weeds or be burned by the sun.  


On the first couple of days after laying the new sod, watering is very important. Thus, you need to make sure that your first watering must happen right after the sod installation Rochester Hills. Plus, it must be thoroughly watered every day for at least one week after that. You can then lessen your watering schedule to 3 times per week after the first week. 


Your hardscaping and your newly laid sod must go hand in hand. Not only this will help provide your home a great curb appeal that increases your resale home value, but it’ll also guarantee that your sod will remain in place and won’t be prone to a lateral shift. 

Features like retaining walls can also help in preventing your sod from shifting—especially when you have sloped property.  

Herbicides and pesticides 

While herbicides and pesticides may help established lawns, make sure not to use them on newly installed sod. Not only these chemicals can kill hazardous insects but also those insects that can be beneficial for your sod. That means that applying them may cause your sod to be prone to infestations if compared to not using any chemicals on it at all. The ideal means of keeping unwanted pests and weeds in your lawn is to keep it healthy by following the fertilizing, mowing, and watering schedules discussed above.  

If you’re still unsure of how to properly do these tips, it would be best if you refer to a sod installation and maintenance expert to guide you throughout your journey of taking care of your sod. 

Questions to Ask Sod Installation Companies

In terms of selecting a?sod installation Troy?company, we’ve listed a few effective tricks and tips that can certainly guide you to select the right one to work on your yard. Check out the following questions that you need to ask them to determine which company should you pick: 

How do you manage sod pricing and what’s your quality process? 

What you have to look for in a sod installation company is to know how they deal with billing and pricing and whether they have existing processes that can preserve the quality of the sod.? 

  • How do they manage sod pricing? 

In terms of pricing, you have to ensure that the terms are agreed upon and laid out prior to the start of the service. This needs the installation company to check your yard, come up with a plan for sod installation, and give you a comprehensive plan according to the services that your yard requires.? 

  • What’s their quality process? 

A reputable company should have an existing quality process. Meaning, they should know how to ready your lawn properly before installing the sod to guarantee that it will be healthy for a long time. They must have multiple solutions when it comes to prepping your lawn and not just rely on a “one size fits all” solution. Rather they must consult with you and check your lawn thoroughly to know the right action to take.? 

How much experience do you have? 

Try to visit their website and observe information about how much experience they have in terms of sod installation and when did they establish their company. Moreover, make sure to check whether they have a reputation of word-of-mouth. You can determine if they were suggested to you by most of your neighbors or friends.? 

If you are not familiar with sod installation companies or you are new to an area, you can start with doing some research online. While you run research for numerous sod installation companies within your area, make sure to look at their reviews carefully. Read as many reviews as you can to know what do their past clients are saying about their offered services. By reading them, you’ll have an idea whether they are trustworthy and experienced companies.? 

Do you have insurance? 

Perhaps this is the first question that you need to discuss with any company before moving forward and finally working with them. Do they have the proper paperwork to prove that they are insured? When a sod installer is properly insured and licensed, they can guarantee protection for both their clients and workers in case of unwanted accidents. 

?You need to be cautious as well as a lot of companies refuse to provide a warranty because of a lot of factors. A trusted company must know such factors and do proactive action as they do the sod installation to remove this threat as much as possible.? 

If you want to choose the best sod installer in town, make sure to ask the questions listed above.? 

How to Select a Trusted Sod Supplier?

While you invest in sod, it’s crucial to observe its quality first. Remember that the type of grass that your lawn needs will only depend on how you want to use it and its purpose. Moreover, you need to consider the climate. For that, finding the right sod supplier is key. Find one who can understand your area or city’s climatic conditions, and must give you’re the greatest advice possible. Check out the following tips that can help you choose a sod supplier you can trust. 

Have a comprehensive yard evaluation 

You need to visit a sod dealer who is prepared to do a comprehensive assessment of your lawn. This step must be done since it can help assess your soil’s condition before installing the sod within your area. Moreover, the sod experts will do a complete pH analysis, which is important since it can assist you in identifying which characteristics must the grass you choose has. Once you visit the experts, it’s best to guarantee that you insist them to do a complete assessment of your yard before installing sod. 

Go for cheap pricing 

Make sure to properly check the suppliers’ pricing rate. The moment you get the correct information, this must give you an estimated cost. At times, sod suppliers may ask for an extra fee for the pallet delivery. Because of that, it’s extremely essential to ask the experts beforehand to prevent any unwanted additional costs. 

Thoroughly check the website 

You must properly inspect the websites of the local sod dealers. By looking at their sites, you won’t only obtain important information, but you’ll also get reviews and feedback from their clients. You also have to check the reviews you can find on the website to have a grasp on what their previous customers say about the quality of their products and services. 

Get the best recommendations 

It’s a must to choose the most recommended supplier in town. As you meet your family and friends, some may provide some of the best recommendations about which local supplier you should select. You may refer to nurseries, local garden centers, and turf farms. If you opt for a reputable sod farm, you can guarantee that they will be dealing closely with the experts and handle the materials that will help your lawn to be steered in the right direction. You need to discuss with the experts and know more about the quality of the grass or turf. 

Do they have the right tools? 

Ask your potential sod suppliers if they provide services like sod installation Macomb. Once they do, it would be best to prevent yourself from installing it without any help from the experts. Instead, it’s best to just let them deal with the sod installation. However, make sure to entrust this project to sod contractors who have the right tools to effectively do the job and guarantee high-quality products and services. Also, make sure to opt for fresh and lush green sod to install. 

Tips to Hire the Best Sod Installation Company

Autumn is the ideal season of the year to establish sod to your lawn for the first time or to change old grass with a premium, and upgraded variety. Though keep in mind that selecting a certified sod installation company can be tricky and not all installers can provide a high-quality service outcome. Listed below are some of the best tips that can help you choose the right company that offers?sod installation Clinton Township

Agree on terms at the job’s front end 

Similar to any other expert service, terms need to be agreed upon and established by both parties before starting and completing any work. Meaning, the company must come to your house, estimate your yard, and identify which process that you’ll need. You can also choose to estimate your lawn by yourself so that you can get an idea of the quantity of sod that you might require by utilizing a reliable area calculator tool.?? 

Keep in mind that the cost may greatly differ based on factors like the work preparation and process. When an installation company requests a huge percentage right from the start, think about that as one of the red flags that you need to avoid. Moreover, you have to remember that sod installation companies don’t mainly maintenance companies. Hence, if you need some help to maintain your sod, then make sure to contact a sod maintenance service provider near you.?? 

They need to licensed and has updated insurance 

You have to choose a company that is licensed and has both workers and general compensation insurance to protect yourself from facing possible legal headaches. Once something goes wrong, such credentials can guarantee that you’re protected.? 

Low prices may equate to low quality 

In terms of sod installation, the saying “what you pay for is what you get” is particularly true. There are a lot of things involved in a sod installation job other than simply installing grass. When you encounter a company that estimates a reduced rate than other installers within the neighborhood, you must be cautious of them since chances are there’s a reason behind being able to offer a very affordable price. So, it would be best to invest in a more expensive job and have it completed right the first time compared to paying for another service to fix a chaotic job. 

A decent company must have quality processes 

A good sod installation company must have an existing systematic process. If you want to obtain the best result as much as possible, many steps need to be done before ultimately installing the sod. Herbicides may be required to help an area be free of unwanted growth and weeds. Also, debris must entirely be disposed of properly, the old sod must be removed and not just scalped or mowed, and the area must be regraded if needed. Refuse to work with a service provider that only wants to scalp or mow your current grass before they install new sod above it.